June 2, 2020

Good Morning Everyone!

It was great to see people sitting in the pews on Sunday. I realize that some of you are not ready to return and that is okay. You need to make a decision that is best for you, based on your health situation. Therefore, just as we did this Sunday, we will continue to offer worship at 8:45 on Facebook Live. So now you have two options. You can worship online or in-person.

I had several positive comments about the service on Sunday. Comments were about the safety measures in place and how effective they seemed to work. The cleanliness of the sanctuary and thankful that is being sanitized between services. Thankfulness was expressed for those who were willing to serve as ushers, technical support, singers and musicians, without their dedication and sacrifice in-person worship would not have been possible. I too am thankful for all of those who have worked so hard to keep worship moving forward both on Facebook Live and now in-person.

But just as the last eleven weeks have been fluid, we will have to continue to be fluid over the next few months. One of those fluid moments is what I announced on Sunday morning during the services. We will go back to our regular worship schedule beginning this week, two services at 8:45 and 11:00. Secondly, we will not ask for you to sign up for worship. We have people sign up and not come, come and not sign up. The main concern was safety and being able to social distancing. After, Sunday we see that this can be done without the sign up. Finally, I have asked Ponda Gordon, our Nursery Chairperson, to work with Joan Allen to begin developing a plan for the nursery and childcare to begin soon. So, if you are contacted about serving on this team please offer your assistance so that we can begin in-person nursery soon and as safely as we have in-person worship.

Finally, thank you for your support and help during the past 11 weeks. You have been gracious as always as we have tried to navigate through these uncharted waters. I pray that you will continue to show such patience as continue to move out into the open water of the future.

Thank you again. See you soon.